The car roof boxes TERRA DRIVE are made of the most durable materials with the use of advanced technologies, the degree of their reliability is such that you can by no means be afraid to load into them even the most "capricious" in transportation items: equipment, musical instruments or glass, etc.

The car roof boxes TERRA DRIVE are tight, made of impact-resistant plastic. The bottom of the roof box is double, reinforced with plastic fins, aluminum guides and corners. The edge of the top cover is reinforced. Reliable stops, hinges and locks will secure the luggage in winter, and a special fixing strap will reliably hold the load. Hinged mechanism ensures safe opening and closing of the box.

Roof boxes TERRA DRIVE 420, 440 and 480 has a double side opening (the box can be opened from the right or left side).

The car roof boxes TERRA DRIVE 320, 440 and 480 have a bottom reinforced with three steel profiled tubes of rectangular cross-section along the entire length. The bottom of the TERRA DRIVE model 420 is reinforced with four tubes of the same type. Pipes are treated with anti-corrosion coating and painted black (so that the mounting bracket passes through 1 layer of plastic and the pipe and the load is distributed evenly and not pointwise as it happens, if only the area under the bracket is reinforced).

All car roof boxes TERRA DRIVE are made of high-quality lightweight and durable plastic ABS, have a lock with a key, ensuring the safety of the contents of the box. Hermetic lid ensuring protection against rain and dirt.

Roof boxes TERRA DRIVE are certified, meet the European Union quality and safety requirements.